Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming Soon!

We're busy with girls softball (Jennie made it to the nationals in July!) and Ricky's baseball (we start districts this weekend!) so there hasn't been a lot of time to update, but here's some of the stories we're working on: Gay Blades (Ken deGruchy may have home movie film of it!), Glen fashion shows (we have Elsa Ege's artwork from the brochures), Glen School circus, Christmas concerts, Camp Green, The Art Linden Story and so much more! We have lots of photos too! Please keep checking!

Don't forget about the reunion of sorts later in the year - we'll keep you posted. Hey we may only get 5 or we may get 50 - either way, with the teachers it should prove to be a blast!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Glen School 2nd Grade Class of 1967 - We Need Photos!

If anyone has the 2nd grade class photos for Mrs Cook (1962-63) and Miss Mercer (1962-63 - split class) please email to Rick Flannery These are the only ones we're missing! Next we'll have to start asking for individual class photos!

A Photo Taken By Miss Beattie!

First Row l to r: Peggy Small, Ellen Kelly, Charles Ehrlich, Robert Wells, Jill Stanley-Brown, Bobby Owens (not sure)

Second Row l to r: Cindy Werbeck, Linda Williams, Larry Rogers, David Johnson, Kent Meneghin, Frank Petrucci, Maryanne Vestal (not sure), Patty Fall, Alexis ?

3rd Row l to r: Anne McNaughtin (not sure - if it is Anne she passed away about 10 years ago), Debbie Brevoort, Jeff Barber, John Hall, Mark Shumeyko, Paul Davis, John Schenck, Bruce Neandross, Wayne Bond, Penny Ward, unidentified

Thanks to Ken deGruchy and Bob Shumeyko for identifying most of these "kids"! Sorry if some names are spelled wrong - email and let me know if we messed up!

This photo was personally taken by Miss Beattie. (Just click to enlarge photo - photo isn't great quality sorry!)