Monday, April 27, 2009

Need Gay Blades & Camp Green Photos!

We need help with more pictures! Karen Pursiano recently sent a couple of great photos from Camp Green including a picture of the coal she found! If anyone has any photos please email to! We also need Boy Scout / Girl Scout pictures - Karen Eide we need a picture from your Girl Scout tv commercial/photo shoot!!! Does anyone still have their Camp Green diary? Karen Pursiano and I still have ours - mine is a riot! The things one writes in a journal when you're 11 (and we were graded on them no less!) Yes I will share it!

The above photo was taken by Karen Pursiano and is a teaser for the Camp Green story! It shows one of the 2 eagles rescued from Penn Station when it was demolished circa 1963. Thank you Beth Perdue-Sontag for that information! Beth gets to enjoy the Camp Green grounds to this day as she lives near there. The grounds are beautiful I'm told, however the buildings that would be so familiar to us are sadly long gone.

Art Brierley, Gary Vukov & Ken Merrill - Ridgewood Little League (RBA)!

Couldn't resist loading these up! These were recently sent over by Art Brierley. Gary and Art - if I remember right - were in the same class together almost every year and were - and remain -very good friends. I would venture a guess that Art is as sentimental as me - our school years were a blast to be sure. They were different for each of us surely - some of us (me!) took a little longer to get going after graduation in 1973 - but we're all connected despite the distance of geography and years. I for one, toast all my friends from Glen School!

Above is a photo from 1965 - Art Brierley is 4th from the left (front) and future Graydon Pool lifeguard Jan Koper is 5th from the left next to Art! I think this team is Gilsenan - they were a powerhouse if I remember right - I know we didn't beat 'em!

Above from left is Ken Merrill, Art Brierley and Gary Vukov - Spring 1966.

Above photo shows Art Brierley (back row l to r) and Gary Vukov. In the front row is Bobby Rogers 3rd from left (sitting). Both this photo and the one above it were taken at Vets Field - I think shortly after our RBA parade. Every year, we'd start the parade at the train station and parade to Vets Field.

Photos courtesy of Art Brierley!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The BF Soccer Team - 9th Grade 1969-70

Here's a great bunch of classic Ridgewood guys including some Glen School alums! I will add the names in a couple of days but had to post this one for Brierley! This is the 9th grade soccer team from 1969-70!

6th Grade Mrs. Bleeden's Class!

Just got this one from Art Brierley! Thanks Art! This was Elizabeth Bleeden's 6th grade class 1966-67. The paisley shirt was hot and I must say Art, Ken Merrill and Frank Petrucci got it goin' on - pretty sharply dressed fellas! We still need 1st grade and second grade photos you guys! Wasn't Gary Vukov in this class? Gary must have been out that day.

Ken Merrill, Frank Petrucci, Frank Fortino, Bobby, Martin - where are you guys? UPDATE!!! As of October, 2009 Frank Petrucci, Ken Merrill and Martin Vaz have been found! Frank is in Florida, Marty is in California and Ken was close by in NJ! We're getting there - hopefully we'll find Betsy Kline and the others!

Top Row l to r: Frank Fortino, Bill Lavery, Bobby Stewart, Art Brierley, Ken Merrill, Frank Petrucci, Alex Kramer (deceased)

Middle Row l to r: Martin Vaz, Carey Hoff, Sue Nunno, Jill Neandross, Beth Daly, Lisa Faeth, Bruce Meneghin, Elizabeth Bleeden

Front Row l to r: Irene Williams, Betsy Kline, Penny Ward, Lynn Malley, Linda Breitkruz, Lori Abrahamson

Nice goin' Art!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming Soon!

Yeah, that's me! Circa 1966 or so!

Hi everybody! I'm so involved in baseball at the moment (I'm on the board of our baseball league here in Danbury) so its taken me away from this labor of love! I have been putting stories together on Camp Green, Gay Blades, Ellen Jackson, Mary Schmidt (Walker), Zita Wilcox, Pat Mercer and more!! Hey I still need some class photos of my years - they're listed below - please help if you can!

We only need 2 more Class of 1967 photos - please help if you have them (thanks to Art Brierley for all the photos you recently sent!):

2nd grade Cook - 1962-63

2nd grade Mercer (split class) 1962-63