Thursday, November 12, 2009

Congratulations To Walter Perdue!!

Several years ago, Beth Perdue's dad Walt - Ridgewood High School Class of 1949 - was inducted to the Ridgewood High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Mr. Perdue was a four-sport athlete at Ridgewood High School. He was an all-state running back and co-captain of the football team in his senior year. The Maroons went 6-3 that year. In addition to his being a star running back, Walt also played defensive back.

Capping quite an impressive high school career Walt accounted for 207 of the total 302 yards Ridgewood gained on Thanksgiving Day in his senior year when Ridgewood trounced rival Fair Lawn 32-6.

Walt also played basketball for 3 years, lettered in track twice and lettered in baseball. He was awarded the RHS Award for Excellence in Athletics in 1949.

For his athletic efforts, Walt was offered several scholarships. He served timed in the Marine Corps and attended college at Lehigh playing football there.

In 1960, Walter went into the sporting goods business in Ridgewood - "Perdue's Sport Shop" and a few years later purchased the famous 1931 Woody - you always knew where he was!!

I tried finding a photo but had no luck! So I thought I'd add a familiar memory (though its not the original Perdue woody!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Blog Up! RHS Class of 1973!

We are gonna try and find as many people as we can for the RHS Class of 1973 reunion. To get ready for that we started a blog. We're also planning BF & GW reunions - check out

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Glen School Reunion - Nov 7, 2009

Well we had a great evening Saturday night. I personally could have gone all night - ya know, breakfast at BF, then Graydon! Thanks to everybody for allowing me to be rather entusiastic about all this!

Seriously though there were so many highlights to the evening and some great surprises! I will post more about the reunion but want to thank everybody for being part of it! For those that couldn't make it - you were there in spirit and, well, talked about - in a good way of course! And Jan Potdevin if you see this - THANKS a million for coming!

Pictured in the above photo are l to r: Melanie Teasley, Jen Rudy, Margaret Silvers, Chic Voorhis, Sue Nunno, Cara Worthington & Ken Merrill - Kenny you still out-dress us all!

What fun to spend an evening with tons of people you like! Just as Corey said last night - these people are real - we're all different but its just so comfortable! How many friends have we all had over the years since school that have come and gone? Its a great feeling and as Cara says, very reassuring! Thanks for making it such a great success!

In the above photo l to r front row: Pat Mercer-DiLauro, Linda Pursiano, Jen Rudy, Beth Perdue, Jan Potdevin, Cara Worthington, Corey Duvall; back row l to r: Melanie Teasley & Chic Voorhis.

Pictured above are l to r: Daun Paris, Beth Perdue, Cara Worthington, Ann Rimmer, Katie Knight & Gayle Allard.

Not all the girls are pictured here but girls you're all as beautiful as you ever were! That includes Linda Pursiano, Karen Pursiano, Terri, Kim, Cheryl, Jen Pelley, Jan, Jennifer, Suzie, Mags, Dana, Diane, Sherry, Maryanne, Theresa (and my wife Caryn!) - Jill, Lynn Malley, Beth Daly & Karen we missed you! Thanks to my wife for letting me run with this whole thing and understanding it all! It was so worth it! What is your secret girls!?

And of course you couldn't have a night like this without your tear-jerking moments like meeting Evangeline, Veronica, Kathleen and George McFall, Jr.!

More to come!!! And by the way - we are planning a BF Reunion for 2011 (hopefully at the school) which will lead up to hopefully the biggest RHS reunion in 2013 - nobody can miss these! We will start the search!