Thursday, September 2, 2010

Glen School Window Wall Gets Face Lift!

Above photo shows that work has begun to replace the old window wall of the Glen School gym. Photo was taken August 21, 2010.

While I'm sure the famous window wall of our old gym needed a face lift, it's tough to see familiar landmarks go especially when it was of a specific architectural design. Hey many of us were there last fall (2010 reunion) and you could tell it needed some fixing but it'll be just another wall when completed! But in the scheme of things - not a big deal.

Above photo is a good comparison of the old and new window walls.

Recently I went down to Ridgewood to meet up with John Wescott, Jim Ranton, Arne Olsen, Dave Burdick, Roger Sweeney, Bob Groat, Stacey Williams, Fern Gomez and Dave Vanderbush. Before I caught up with them at our old high school, I stopped by Glen to snap a few photos to mark the change.

Above photo shows the detail of the new window wall complete with regular windows at the bottom.

In the end, it's probably a good thing - the gym will be more insulated from the weather - but I'm still sorry to see it go!

I wanted to show a picture that highlighted the window wall as a backdrop - the above photo shows Beth Perdue's 3rd grade class 1963-1964. Check other posts in this blog where this picture was already used - the names of the kids are listed there.

Above is great shot of the wall on a bright sunny Saturday - November, 2009 - the day we had our reunion.


  1. Thanks for posting this celebration (and farewell) to the famous Glen window wall. It was definitely an interesting design element of its time, but unfortunately the energy & upkeep costs were too great. I think the new wall is a nice evolution of the design (and will save the District money).

    Laurie Goodman
    Ridgewood Board of Ed

  2. Laurie thanks so much for commenting!! Yes it was very much in need of replacing. The cost savings on utilities will probably be great! That quite a few of us were able to have a reunion in the gym before the new window wall was fortunate!