Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Brierley Beatles Memory!

Artie Brierley - I think I mention his name in every other story I write on this blog. Reconnecting with someone after so long and then losing them almost overnight is a cruel thing. During the time we reconnected, we went back and forth on the phone - we emailed - we sent messages to each other on Facebook. The one thing Artie could not do was respond to these things with his cell phone! Annie and I mentioned this to him once after a particularly difficult time trying to figure out what he wrote. We all had a good laugh about it! He would talk about little memories he had of this or that but if he sent you a memory from his phone you had to decipher it and required more information! One of these memories was about The Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show for the very first time - we were in 3rd grade. I will recreate it here but will take license to add some words here and there - he was so enjoying what this whole "Glen School" project is all about.

Artie on The Beatles appearing on Ed Sullivan February, 1964. He recalls the monday morning at school - it was a rainy monday:

"Funny the images your (blog) 3rd grade story creates.....I see Wayne Bond sitting on the heater by the window in the hall. It was raining monday morning and we were hanging up our rain coats - everybody was asking each other "Did you see The Beatles last night?" We didn't leave my grandmother's house until after my grandfather stopped yelling about The Beatles on Ed Sullivan!

"This Facebook brings some of the past back. With RHS and Glen people popping up all over! Life is good! By the way, Sue Nunno lives by BF."

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