Friday, July 22, 2011

New Photos from Karen Eide!

Karen recently sent me the following candid photos from her personal collection. These girls have been friends forever! Glen School made friendships that have stood the test of time - despite our busy lives and not being in touch sometimes for years, friendships like these are always there.

Each one of the girls in the photos (maybe except for Pam) have remained in touch with each other. The beauty of school friendships like ours is that nothing is expected from anybody you just pick up where you left off.

The photos are from some of  Karen's birthday parties. About her birthday memories Karen has this to say:

"My mom threw really fun birthday parties. I got to invite 10 girls. She'd always bake my cake of choice and devise fun games like Spiderweb where she'd weave different yarns throughout the downstairs that we'd have to wind up to find a prize at the end - (it was) chaos x 10 little girls! I always got an amazing cake!"

Thanks for sending the photos Karen! If I got anyone wrong in the photos please let me know!!

Above back l to r: Pam Bennett, Jill Neandross, Melanie Teasley, Lisa Faeth. Front l to r: Karen Eide, Jan Potdevin. I think this is kindergarten - Pam was in our class then and Jan was still attending Glen School (Jan had moved across town  a couple of years later and would meet up with us again in high school). Wow I hope you see this photo Jan!!

Above back row l to r: Beth Daly, Beth Perdue, Ann Rimmer. Front row l to r: Katie Knight, Karen Eide, Cara Worthington, Suzie Nunno.

Birthday cake in Karen's basement! From l to r: Ann Rimmer, Cara Worthington, Karen Eide, Katie Knight, Beth Perdue. Button-down collar shirts were the rage that year!

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