Wednesday, April 22, 2009

6th Grade Mrs. Bleeden's Class!

Just got this one from Art Brierley! Thanks Art! This was Elizabeth Bleeden's 6th grade class 1966-67. The paisley shirt was hot and I must say Art, Ken Merrill and Frank Petrucci got it goin' on - pretty sharply dressed fellas! We still need 1st grade and second grade photos you guys! Wasn't Gary Vukov in this class? Gary must have been out that day.

Ken Merrill, Frank Petrucci, Frank Fortino, Bobby, Martin - where are you guys? UPDATE!!! As of October, 2009 Frank Petrucci, Ken Merrill and Martin Vaz have been found! Frank is in Florida, Marty is in California and Ken was close by in NJ! We're getting there - hopefully we'll find Betsy Kline and the others!

Top Row l to r: Frank Fortino, Bill Lavery, Bobby Stewart, Art Brierley, Ken Merrill, Frank Petrucci, Alex Kramer (deceased)

Middle Row l to r: Martin Vaz, Carey Hoff, Sue Nunno, Jill Neandross, Beth Daly, Lisa Faeth, Bruce Meneghin, Elizabeth Bleeden

Front Row l to r: Irene Williams, Betsy Kline, Penny Ward, Lynn Malley, Linda Breitkruz, Lori Abrahamson

Nice goin' Art!

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