Monday, April 27, 2009

Need Gay Blades & Camp Green Photos!

We need help with more pictures! Karen Pursiano recently sent a couple of great photos from Camp Green including a picture of the coal she found! If anyone has any photos please email to! We also need Boy Scout / Girl Scout pictures - Karen Eide we need a picture from your Girl Scout tv commercial/photo shoot!!! Does anyone still have their Camp Green diary? Karen Pursiano and I still have ours - mine is a riot! The things one writes in a journal when you're 11 (and we were graded on them no less!) Yes I will share it!

The above photo was taken by Karen Pursiano and is a teaser for the Camp Green story! It shows one of the 2 eagles rescued from Penn Station when it was demolished circa 1963. Thank you Beth Perdue-Sontag for that information! Beth gets to enjoy the Camp Green grounds to this day as she lives near there. The grounds are beautiful I'm told, however the buildings that would be so familiar to us are sadly long gone.

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