Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Brierley, Gary Vukov & Ken Merrill - Ridgewood Little League (RBA)!

Couldn't resist loading these up! These were recently sent over by Art Brierley. Gary and Art - if I remember right - were in the same class together almost every year and were - and remain -very good friends. I would venture a guess that Art is as sentimental as me - our school years were a blast to be sure. They were different for each of us surely - some of us (me!) took a little longer to get going after graduation in 1973 - but we're all connected despite the distance of geography and years. I for one, toast all my friends from Glen School!

Above is a photo from 1965 - Art Brierley is 4th from the left (front) and future Graydon Pool lifeguard Jan Koper is 5th from the left next to Art! I think this team is Gilsenan - they were a powerhouse if I remember right - I know we didn't beat 'em!

Above from left is Ken Merrill, Art Brierley and Gary Vukov - Spring 1966.

Above photo shows Art Brierley (back row l to r) and Gary Vukov. In the front row is Bobby Rogers 3rd from left (sitting). Both this photo and the one above it were taken at Vets Field - I think shortly after our RBA parade. Every year, we'd start the parade at the train station and parade to Vets Field.

Photos courtesy of Art Brierley!!

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