Sunday, February 28, 2010

Glen School Mom's - 5 Came To Our Reunion!

I had to take some time to thank some special people in our home and school lives - our moms! My mom, Virginia - was a den mother, was in the Glen Home & School Association, PTA - even rooted for other guys I played against in town!! Our happy days in school and at home would certainly not have been that way without our mothers (and dads too!)

Back in November we had our Glen School reunion with a truly great turnout. Among those in attendance were 5 very special moms. I've said it before - the night was filled with a lot of highlights and unexpected moments not the least of which was enjoying the company of some classmates moms. Looking back I regret not making a fuss about it - they deserved to be pointed out and I wish we had given each a bouquet of roses - much deserved and from our hearts. I do apologize for not asking each mom to stand up and be recognized.

The 5 moms who graced us with their presence included: Jeanne Stanley-Brown, Else Ege, Janet Silvers, Jean deGruchy and Muriel Henckler. You made our evening!!

Here is a partial list of Glen School moms who were always there for us:

Virginia Flannery, Alma Meneghin, Anita Bennett, Barbara Perdue, Ginny Terhune, Rene Knight, Anita Bennett, Yvonne Foytlin, Deenie Smith, Arlene Van der Wege, Ruth Potdevin, June Duvall, Sandy Wagner, Marina Worthington, Betty Lord, Dot Mclaren, Sue Schumeyko, Emily Petrucci, Evadna Knies, Helen Werbeck, Eleanor Brierley, Gini Brevoort, Jean Lavery, Clo Davis, Audrey Neandross, June Cunneen, Marion McDaniel, Sylvia McCormick, Katie Samson, Gloria Tamberelli, Rita O'Brien, Marian Midbow, Joann Regelman, Cynthia Pomeroy, Dwaine Marcello-Sutherland, Janet Voorhis, Jan Ludwig, Gloria Stewart, Peg Rogers, Bernice Teasley, Marion Vaccari, Thelma Corcoran, Doris DeGraw, Delores Faeth, Edie Vandervoort, Ruth Glisch, Joann Hansen, Bix Smethurst.

Please help us add your mom to the above list!! I just can't remember all the names but all are affectionately in our hearts! Please correct me if I spelled any names wrong.

Jeanne Stanley-Brown - November 7, 2009

Janet Silvers - November 7, 2009

Muriel Henckler - November 7, 2009

Else Ege - November 7, 2009

Jean deGruchy - November 7, 2009

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