Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back To School Night!

Here's a quick story about Back to School Night - now known as Open House - at least in Connecticut!

Back to School Night was the night our parents came to visit our classrooms and spent time meeting our teachers. The school day of Back to School Night was an exciting day for us kids - particularly when we were in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. We would start by cleaning out our desks. We'd always pin our best artwork on the walls, proudly leave our good papers and tests out, display any 3-dimensional art project we had recently done and most importantly leave a note to our parents which we'd leave on our desk.

That night when the parents - and I mean ALL the parents - arrived they would tour the classroom, ask questions and listen to our young teachers describe how they did thier job!

I remember always asking my mom the next morning at breakfast "Did you see my project?" or "Did you see my book report?"

When I returned to school that next morning, there would be a note written on the reverse of the one I left for my parents.

My mom very neatly and carefully saved some of these things and when you're doing a long-term project like this blog you're actually glad she did!

Below is the note I left my parents and the second photo shows the note my mom wrote back to me! This was during 3rd grade - Miss Beattie's class! What a trip!

The note above reads: "Dear Ricky - We love the picture! We make a nice pumpkin family. Your work is pretty good too. And Miss Beatty (Beattie is mispelled) is nice - Guess Who?"

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