Monday, February 22, 2010

More Glen School Candids!

Easily the most enjoyable feature of a blog like this are the photos of friends and classmates! Here are some great ones! My sincere thanks to Katie Knight-Maiuri, Margaret Silvers-Myatt and Andy Wright for these photographs. Enjoy!

These first 3 photos are courtesy of Katie Knight-Maiuri). Katie Knight's birthday party January, 1966. Beginning with the girl in the blue sweater and going clockwise: Suzy Nunno, Beth Daly, Beth Perdue, Janet Kelly, Katie Knight (birthday girl), Mary Hensel, Karen Eide, Ann Rimmer, Cara Worthington & Betsy Kline. What a table - the 5th grade guys would've killed to be that party!

Opening special gifts at Katie's party. Starting at top left: Cara Worthington, Betsy Kline, Suzy Nunno, Mrs. Knight, Beth Daly, Katie Knight, Janet Kelly, Mary Hensel, Karen Eide. (Beth Perdue and Ann Rimmer are out of view)

Above Katie opening her birthday presents! Starting with the girl in the blue shirt and clockwise: Beth Perdue, (below her) Beth Daly, Lynn Malley, Ann Rimmer, Betsy Kline, Karen Eide, Katie Knight (seated), Janet Kelly, (leaning over chair), Suzy Nunno, Mary Hensel and Cara Worthington.

Karen Eide during one of our many field trips. This trip was to the Central Park Zoo.

Ricky Flannery - age 5 during Halloween at my grandmothers house! I was Emmett Kelly for Halloween that year (kindergarten).

Above from l to r: Beth Daly, Jill Neandross (center) and Katie Knight. They were in the Glen School gym to watch Beth's younger sibling's in a show that night. (Picture taken by Sam Silvers)
Above from l to r: Katie Knight, Beth Daly and Jill Stanley-Brown at one the Silvers' movie nights. All 3 girls lived on Roslyn Road. (Picture taken by Sam Silvers)

Above is at my house. From front l to r: Jimmy O'Brien, Ricky Flannery, Bruce Meneghin & Kent Meneghin. We never had a shortage of things to do in the neighborhood.

Ricky Flannery hamming it up in front of our house circa 1959.

Above is Glen School alum Andy Wright about age 5. Andy lived on Salem Lane. (Courtesy of Andy Wright)

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