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1962 - Glen School Presents "No Space Like Home!"

In 1962, the Space Age came to Glen School in the form of a musical titled "No Space Like Home". The show was produced by none other than Muriel Henckler. It was an entirely original musical that was performed by Mr. Linden, several VERY talented teachers and a ton of parents. The above cover to the program was designed by Else Ege.

As Scene 1 opens we find Mr. Linden sitting in his Glen School office. From there we leave earth for Planet Pluto. After a performance on Pluto, we travel to Mars. On Mars we find there is an all-important "United Meeting of the Planets" that must be attended to before taking off for Venus for more relaxing fare - a fashion show! Then its off to the moon for a mysterious visit to Eduardo's Hideaway (incidently Eduardo is played by Henry Henckler who had more jobs in this production than anyone!) Then its off to another show on Neptune before we all return to Mr. Linden's office for the finale! Whew!

While I don't remember the show, I definitely remember sitting in the audience watching my dad Fred Flannery. He was one of the singers along with my future 3rd grade teacher Amy Beattie!

Probably the best part of this entire production was that every single parent who had a kid(s) attending Glen School was there that night - in the audience, had donated money, helped with refreshments, performed, helped behind the scenes, made puppets, designed and printed the program, the script - you name it and one or both of our parents was involved! Any young parents out there - take note - participate in your kids education! Its a win-win situation for everybody - the friendships, the school, the interaction with teachers - like everything we did at Glen School it was priceless!

We are actively searching for movies, slides or photos of this night so if anyone has anything - PLEASE contact us! So far we have 2 people that might have something so I'm hoping when they get the time to search we'll get lucky! How great would it be to find these photos and see your mom or dad? My sincerest thanks to Else Ege for supplying the photos of the program which really help to make this story! I hate spelling names wrong so if there's a name that needs to be corrected please advise!

Any parents that were part of this classic show please email me ( with memories!

Here's the list of credits followed by a list of patrons (names are spelled as they appeared - I will correct if I know the right spelling):

PRODUCED by Muriel Henckler
DIRECTED by Mary Jane Crescas
STAGE MANAGER - Deenie Smith
PIANISTS - Don Engle and Dan Hazen
CHOREOGRAPHER - Jeanne Stanley-Brown

Dick Kreuger, Ted Shumeyko, Dennie Smith, Ronnie Schenk, Bonnie Ferrannie, Gerry Carr

Dennie Smith, Gloria Tamborelli, Jeanne Stanley-Brown, Alan Weschler, Irv Kaplan

Arlene Van Der Wege, Else Ege, Ruth Potdevin, Irving Kaplan

Barbara Brown, Gerry Carr

June Duvall, Betty Lord, Sandy Wagner

Jim Brown, George McFall

Henry Henckler

Marina Worthington, Dot McLaren, Else Ege, Sandy Wagner, Sue Shumeyko

Emily Petrucci

Evadna Knies

Ronnie Schenk, Helen Werbeck, Kay Kelly, Eleanor Brierley

Gini Brevoort

Clo Davis, Jean Lavery, Helen LaFiura, June Cunneen, Audrey Neandross, Marion McDaniel

Bill Carr as Al Sycamore
Bonnie Ferrannie as Miss Carson
Charlotte Nash as Miss Rambler
Ken deGruchy as Gunther McNapp
Ray DeGraw as Wally Spotts
Marina Worthington as Zsa Zsa Cadwallader
Jack Flynn as Bert Steele
Dick Krueger as Harry Steele
Sue Shumeyko as Pandora
Ted Shumeyko as Plutonus
Ray Bennett as Rbadamanthus
Vic Crescas as Mercurio
Art Linden as Mars
Sandy Wagner as Venus
Bill McLaren as Mercury
Sylvia McCormick as Saturn
Pete Gauharou as Jupiter
Anita Bennett as Pluto
Katie Samson as Earth
John Voorhis as Uranus
Gloria Tamberelli as Neptune
Deenie Smith as Fashion Commentator
June Cunneen, Jan Ludwig, Audrey Neandross & Janet Voorhis as Models
Amy Beattie as First Moon Girl
Barbara Zink as Second Moon Girl
Henry Henckler as Eduardo
Sue Shumeyko as Nightclub Singer
Muriel Henckler & Sue Shumeyko as Two Swells
Marjorie Stockstill as First Neptunian
Helen Werbeck as Second Neptunian
Irma Sabin as First Contestant
Beth Deane as Second Contestant
Bud Van Der Wege as Ned Browler
Jim Corcoran as Zack Whaley
Janet Voorhis as Applause Girl

DANCING CHORUS INCLUDED: Jean deGruchy, Pat Mercer, Sylvia McCormick, Jessie Signorile, Jeanne Stanley-Brown, Gloria Tamborelli, Ginni Terhune

SINGING CHORUS INCLUDED: Amy Beattie, Anita Bennett, Fred Flannery, Henry Henckler, Dor Krueger, Clo Davis, Irma Sabin, Ronnie Schenk, Katie Samson, Gloria Stewart, Peg Rogers, Roy Teasley, Sandy Wagner, Barbara Zink

USHERS WERE: Henry Henckler, Dennis LaFiura, Laurie McDaniel, Duffy Smith

Agnes Larsen - For Her Assistance
Sam Silvers - For Printing the Script
Jill Davison - Soft Shoe Arrangement
Dot McLaren - Posters
Leif Neandross - Material for Scenes
Howard Schenk - Space Prop
Bill Turnbull - Popcorn Machine & Popcorn


Below is the list of all the people who worked the various souvenir and refreshment stands! That show had to be so much fun for everybody involved! Now that the show's over let's all head over to the Henckler's for coffee!

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