Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Roslyn Road & Salem Ridge Gang!

There's a great new site! Its called "The Roslyn Road - Salem Ridge Gang". Authored by Margaret Silvers-Myatt (Glen School Class of 1969). It promises to be loaded with photos and information about the Glen School neighborhoods! Visit often and don't be afraid to chime in too!

We're looking for all kinds of neighborhood photos. Also please help in our search for photos, slides, home movies or props from the Glen School production of "No Space Like Home" presented by all the parents and teachers in 1962. All of our parents and teachers contributed to that out-of-sight space age show which was produced by none other than Muriel Henckler who still lives on Roslyn Road!

See the link to this great new site near the top of the this blog on the right.

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