Saturday, March 21, 2009

1970's Glen School Faculty Photo!

Here's a 1970's Glen School faculty photo. What makes this one special is that they started asking Mr. McFall be part of these classic yearly photos. What a classy guy this man was!

The photo was taken in front of the offices - the gym is to the left when looking at the photo. I'm trying to find out the exact year. We need help with names so please email me at if you can fill in the blanks!! Sorry for the bad quality. Sorry for any mis-spellings!

(Click to enlarge photo)

Top Row l to r: ?, ?, ?, Adrienne O'Brien, ?, George McFall, Bob Mulrooney, Jeannette Janicke, ?, Nancy Cook, Elaine Hammer, ?

Front Row l to r: ?, Arax Mardirosian, Agnes Larsen, Art Linden, Ellen Jackson, Zita Wilcox, ?


  1. Mr.Rooney 6th grade 6th in from right top next to Mr. McFall.

    Front row, 3rd fro right, Miss or Mrs. Jackson, 5th grage I think.

  2. Miss Abate, fourth from right, top row.

    I think that's Mrs. Gunsberger, the librarian on the bottom row, all the way on the right.