Monday, March 16, 2009

Glen School Classic From the Archives - 4th Grade 1960-61!

As far as I can tell, this class photo is from the 1960-61 school year (the sign in front says 1961). That was the only year in the 60's that class photos were done with the stage as a backdrop. Photos were then taken in 3 locations outside and then returned to the gym in later years.

This is Pat Prescott's first Glen School 4th grade class. We still can't identify everyone so please help where you can! Thanks to John Teasley for supplying this great photo!

Hank Henckler told me that he can't get over how short he is in this photo (boy in the red jacket) as today he is 6'3!

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Top Row l to r: Rich Vaccari, Donnie Durheimer, Jim Carr, John Teasley, Hank Henckler, Gary Werbeck, Jim Buckley, Peter Berger, Randy Duvall

Second Row From Top l to r: Kathleen Schenk, ?, Suzy Terhune, ?, ?, ?, Patty Lord, Karen Midboe, ?, Jill Harris

3rd Row Sitting l to r: Charlotte Flynn, ?, Barbara Sharp, Karen Bond, ?, ?, Patty Turnbull, ?

Front Row l to r: Larry McDaniel, We're given 3 names here its either Bobby Robertazzo, David Rehe or Bobby Brown - I could have sworn it was David

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