Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking For These People!

We had a lot of "kids" at Glen School - some moved away and some moved to other schools. Can you help find some of these people? I'll use maiden names because its more familiar. Please let me know where you might think they are: Jill Neandross, Kara DeGraw, Greg Rehe, Lisa Faeth, Corey Duvall, Karen Eide, Wayne Bond, Ed Nalbatian, Jan Potdevin, John Petrik, Richie Spell, Ken Merrill, Barbara Durheimer, Jan Koper, Frank Fortino, Melanie Teasley, Martin Vaz, Maryann Vaz, Randy Sharp, Paul Attella, Betsy Kline, Corinne Frank, Dave Chandler, Brian Marchese, Bobby Stewart, Lori Abrahamson, Susan Anderson, Irene Williams, Carey Hoff, Susan Andersen, Linda Breitkreuz, Eddie DeLorenzo, Robbie Wittemore. I'm also trying to locate Mark Linden who's father was Arthur Linden. If you can think of anybody I missed - let me know!

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