Sunday, December 28, 2008

Need Help With Teachers Names!

Here are the teachers that I had in order (the names are probably mis-spelled so help me out!): K Mrs. Janicke, 1st Pat Mercer, 2nd Mrs. Cook, 3rd Amy Beattie, 4th Pat Prescott, 5th Mr. Zima and 6th Pat De Jongh. My classmates also had Pete Garharou, Elizabeth Bleeden, Miss Nostas & Mrs. Jones. We also had Mr Bookstaber (gym), Mr. Cook (music - Mrs. Cook's husband!), he passed away not long after, Mr Bookstaver for art (confused with our gym teacher!) There was Bea Blumquist in the library and later Mrs. Gunsberg (may be mis-spelled). Agnes Larsen was Mr. Linden's secreatry. Mrs. Mussilar was our school nurse. Familes of our great Glen School staff, please email me at!

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  1. I have a memory of the art teacher, Mr. Bookstaver, as having this peculiar verbal expression whenever he was frustrated with us kids. With great flair--flailing hands and wild hair--he'd blurt out something that sounded like "Botchagallou!" I thought it might be some kind of sanitized PG-13 way of saying "bah fungul!" or something. Anyone else remember this?