Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Can't Get Lost In Bergen County" Signs!

Remember when you got your permit - your license in Ridgewood NJ? It was exciting to be sure - for me being so young I didn't turn 17 until November of my senior year but when I got my license - whooo - had wheels with my girl!

I was driving around in a '65 Rambler which looking back was actually a pretty cool car - though I didn't think so at the time. I remember when Paul Adamo got me a "good" deal on an 8-track tape player - I hooked it up under the front seat for some reason - I guess to keep the radio untouched.

Driving around Bergen County - I knew my way around pretty good - but Bergen County towns had these great signs - they were at every major intersection - they would list 4 towns - all different directions, sometimes not - you would look quickly and say "Oh, yeah, just go this way". You could not possibly get lost in Bergen County.

Whoever came up with that idea - thank you! Many late nights the signs bailed me out!!

They used to be black & white but recently I was down in Ridgewood (trying to find Jill's house) and I was pleased to find one of those classic "can't get lost in Bergen County" signs (now green & white) - happy to see they still do them!

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  1. Yes! I love that there's someone else out there who appreciates these signs. Cheers!