Monday, August 1, 2011

More Glen School Candids!

Here's some more candid Glen School era photos! Thanks everybody! Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge!

Above is part of my class during a field trip to the Central Park Zoo. Photo courtesy of Katie Knight. From l to r: Lisa Faeth, Suzy Nunno, Carl Vrabel (ready for lunch!), Beth Perdue, Penny Ward riding the statue and Jill Neandross peeking in from behind!

Above from l to r: Ricky Flannery, best friend Melanie Teasley and Skipper Hartman in my backyard.

Above is a photo of Margaret Silvers' 1966 birthday party. Mags didn't get the opportunity to celebrate her birthday at home too often because her family always left for Maine. I will add the names later but that's Margaret first one on the left in the first photo and that's her in the second photo. Photo is property of Margaret Silvers.

Above from l to r: Virginia Flannery and Cynthia Pomeroy (Cindy's mom!) at a bar-b-que at the Menghin's house.

Above me in my bedroom - folding my pants??? - the box in the photo on my dresser is filled with good baseball cards!

Above photo is of later Glen School kids programming the Commodore PET 2001 computer - what an antique. There are actually clubs where members own and get together to talk about and use their Commodore PET computers - wow!

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