Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Gotta Come to the BF/GW Reunion - Here's A Growing List!!

Hey I'll post an ongoing list of who's coming to our reunion - we don't even know cost, etc yet but it will be at a hotel in deference to those flying in.

Please check out the BF/GW blog for current details and the list of who's coming - you can find the blog at http://bfgw1970.blogspot.com/

Details will be posted everywhere so you can't miss them. Also we'll set up a temporary BF blog so you can check the details and maybe a couple of stories - I will also search for BF teachers - Rusty I'll need your help!

Saturday November 12 is the date - mark it down - awesome people are coming! I will make personal appeals to everyone in the next week! Beth Perdue, Diane Coleman, Jan Potdevin(!), Daun, Appleton, O'Connor - you've all got to come -

Who's Coming So Far:

Ann Rimmer
Katie Knight
Karen Eide
Cara Worthington
John Wescott
Terri Dimodugno
Penny Ward
Ken Merrill
Maryanne Vaz
Margaret Silvers
Gayle Allard
Cathy O'Neill

You wanna have a great weekend - come to this!


  1. Great! I have a Sounds of B.F on a 45 record from what must be 1972. I'll try to digitize it. Margaret

  2. Really Mags!!?? Please let me know! Can't wait to catch up in November! - Rick