Sunday, February 8, 2009

1st Grade - Class of 1969!

A salute to our friends in the Glen School Class of 1969! Its been a lot of fun getting to know some of the Class of 1969! My first real crush was on your classmate - Cindy Pomeroy! I even gave her my id bracelet - remember those? Cindy lived 2 houses down from me and was one of the sweetest girls I knew! The Meneghin's, Pomeroy's, me and Melanie Teasley spent all of our time together before Melanie moved across town! Lots of football, baseball, swimming, biking, trick or treating together. Great memories!

Here are the 2 1st grade classes - 1963-64 school year!

Mrs. Boerner's Class

Above Photo:

Back Row l to r: Cindy Ward (Penny's sister!), Jimmy Duerbeck, Jeff Davis, Trisha Daly, Tommy Chicino, George Yakowicz, Cheryl DeGrouchy, Bryan Krueger, Paul Pettofrezzo, Margaret Silvers (class president!!)

Middle Row l to r: Doug Terhune, Kim Vukov, Cindy Pomeroy, Susan Skinner, Miss Boerner, Teresa Mastrogiovanni, Patty Breitweiser, Pam Morton, Phillip Denu

Front Row l to r: Roger Fortino, Chris Leyden, Scott Yates, Steve Trogner, Mitchell Perdue, Brian Lally, Walter Fennie

Mrs. Cook's Class

Back Row l to r: Kathy Johnson, Mary Lou Breitweiser, John Brevoort, unidentified, unidentified, Janis Avery, unidentified, Nancy Oswald, Pam Bennett, Teresa Merrill

Middle Row l to r: Kim Skater, Judy Wilson, Janis Malley, Mrs Cook, Sandy Brown, Karen Stewart, Karen Stewart, Barbara Demick

Front Row l to r: Scott Gordon, unidentified, Mark Petrik, Bryan Krueger, David Clay, unidentified, unidentified

Help us fill in the other names!

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