Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3rd Grade & 2nd Grade Class - Miss Trantum (Jones)

Recently Beth Perdue (Sontag) sent over this classic photo! At Glen we had so many kids that there was always a full class and a split class made up of our classmates and some from the younger grade. Miss Trantum's class (who married to become Mrs. Jones) is pictured here.

We know all the kids from my 3rd grade class but can't identify all of the second graders - if you can help identify these kids please email us!

We always wore our scout uniforms on meeting days! Check David Stanley-Brown's bow-tie! That's alright David check our early class photos - we pratically all wore them!

This is easily the most fun part - getting the photos - please keep them coming - we still need class photos!

If anyone has any great memories of this class please email us!

Back Row l to r: Frank Fortino, Beth Perdue, Susan Lavoy, Bruce Meneghin, Sue Nunno, Ken Merrill, David Stanley-Brown, Kara DeGraw, unidentified, unidentified

Middle Row l to r: Unidentified, Karen Pursiano, Gail Wexler, Lis Ege, Mrs Trantum-Jones, Sandy McCormick, Karen Eide, Kathy Johnson, Bobby (?)

Front Row l to r: Bobby Shumeyko, Billy Kline (Betsy's brother), Doug Brown, Mike Rogers, Steven Perez, Billy Corcoran

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