Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glen School Faculty Photo - 1964-65

Here is another great faculty photo from the 1964-65 school year. Thanks to Amy Beattie-Carvell (our 3rd grade teacher) for supplying this one!

This one was taken outside in front of the gym/auditorium.

Back Row l to r: Pat Prescott, Nancy Cook, Rhea Boerner, Pete Gahara, Amy Beattie (Carvell), Jeanette Janicke, unidentified, Miss Trantum (Jones)

Front Row l to r: Alice Coan, Bea Blumquist (librarian at the time), Arthur Linden, Agnes Larsen, Pat DeJongh

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  1. This is a classic! Nowadays - there would be 2 aides for every room, the adjustment counselors, the wellness and nutrition consultant, two vice prinicipals, the media specialist, the transportation coordinator, the after school program leader, and 3 community outreach home educators. Who did I miss?