Thursday, February 26, 2009

3rd Grade Classes Go To Museum Village - 1964!

In June 1964, we all went to Museum Village on a field trip. My mom was one of the chaperones. Incredibly, she saved the thank you notes from the kids in my group! I must say this was a great group! Aside from myself, there was Greg Rehe, Beth Perdue, Melanie Teasley, Lynn Malley and Katie Knight! In addition, Beth Daly wrote to my mom because she had Miss Beattie leading her group and Miss Beattie asked her group to pick a mom to write to - Beth picked mine!

The trip as I remember it, was the typical roadside-type historic spot. It had a blacksmith, drug store, general store, etc. I remember I bought a horseshoe nail ring which turned my finger dark green!

We all had a blast and the 2 pictures included here are when we posed in the stocks. It capped the end of a very memorable year that started out normal - but the death of JFK in November, 1963 and the arrival of the Beatles in February, 1964 changed all that.

Remember the white field trip permission slips? I couldn't wait to get mine signed - we went on some really fun trips over the years.

Above is Beth Perdue - Beth was in Miss Trantum's class (married and became Mrs. Jones). I remember wishing Beth was in our class!

Greg Rehe posing in the stocks! Greg was the only guy in my group but we weren't complaining!

Here are the letters of thanks (Beth Perdue's even has a self-portrait!):

Katie wrote 2 pages! The coaches Katie writes about were the wagons that were out front.

Beth Daly wishes she was in our group!

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  1. I really appreciate the parents keeping these notes!!! I am a parent, and I have "save boxes" but I have one - only one- thank you note from elementary school. Have we lost our graces? Perhaps.