Thursday, January 29, 2009

Need Photos & Stories!

We are looking for the following class photos: Mrs. Cook 2nd grade 1962-63, Mrs. Di Lauro (Mercer) 1st grade 1961-62, Mrs. Di Lauro (Mercer) 2nd grade 1962-63, the other 4th grade 1964-65 (not Prescott), Mrs. Bleeden 1966-67 and faculty photos. We also need single class photos, Glen candid photos, Camp Green 6th grade camp photos, Gay Blades ice skating photos, neighborhood photos from 1960-1970, Roslyn Road Runner kids, mom's fashion shows at Glen, any concert or Glen event (carnivals, etc) photos and any Glen class photos from 1960-1986 (not just our class). Also any family members of Glen teachers, staff or students please get in touch!!

We also need memories and stories! Please help out - our school only lasted for 26 years as an official elementary school! Let's preserve its history!

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