Friday, January 23, 2009

4th Grade - Mrs. Prescott's Class!

Thanks to Beth Perdue (Sontag) for supplying our 4th grade class photo (1964-65) - Mrs. Prescott's class. This was Ann Rimmer's frst year with us at Glen School - joining us a little after the school year started due to a bout with bronchitis. She recalled joining a new class late as scary - its always tough coming in as a new kid. Ann fell into life at Glen School very easily and was well-liked by everyone! Hold onto your "fink" tags boys!

This was the year that we had our official class photo taken outside in the courtyard and we received the above collage of our classmate's personal school photos.

Top Row l to r: Karen Eide, Gary Vukov, Greg Rehe, Pat Prescott, Betsy Kline, Alex Kramer, Ann Rimmer.

2nd Row l to r: Cara Worthington, Wayne Bond, Katie Knight, Frank Fortino.

3rd Row l to r: John Petrik, Beth Daly, Martin Vaz, Lisa Faeth, Jim Smethurst, Jennifer Rudy, Bruce Meneghin.

4th Row l to r: Sue Nunno, Ken Merrill, Kara DeGraw, Tommy Skinner, Lynn Malley, Corey Duvall, Linda Breitkruz.

5th Row l to r: Barbara Durheimer, Ricky Flannery, Irene Williams, Chic Voorhis, Robbie Whittemore, Beth Perdue.

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