Monday, January 5, 2009

Glen School Circa 1995

In the mid 1990's, my wife Caryn and I decided to - or should I say I decided to - return to Glen School and Caryn graciously went along even taking some of the photos you see here and listening to my excitement when I would point out where I flipped baseball cards or played ball. It was a summer day and while the trees were outrageously huge - nothing really had changed! It was practically as I had left it in 1967! It was perfect! So too is it today with little changed. A lot of great memories were made there. The photos below were taken around 1995. Enjoy!

The Main entrance.

In this photo, the camera was pointed through the glass doors of the main entrance - look closely and you can see the "Cub Scout Pack 33 Meets Here" sign in the reflection next to Mr. McFall's old room!

The k-3rd grade side - this side was the playground for kindergarten and the other side of the hedge was the main playground.

The courtyard in the center of the school - sadly the stone wall has since been removed and the reflecting pool/garden filled in.

That is Caryn! That jungle gym was there since the beginning but was removed some time after this picture was taken - a tree was planted in place of the old sandbox.

The Eastbrook Road side showing the old 6th grade classrooms, music room and gym/auditorium.

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